Sunumbra Sunkids Natural Sunscreen for Children SPF 40




Natural skin safe sunscreen for children! (100 ml)

Parents are conscious about the damage that the sun could do to their children’s skin. Good sun habits are important. This means wearing a hat, not going out into the midday sun and …. using a sunscreen! Skin protection is always a good thing, but do you know that the ingredients in most commercial sunscreens can be harmful to your children’s health? Studies have also shown that they are damaging the environment. Even worse, many sunscreens have been tested on animals in harsh and cruel laboratory conditions! Is this what you want to put on your children’s skin?

Sunumbra Sunkids Organic SPF 40 Natural Sunscreen for Children is made from organic plant based ingredients and goes on smoothly, without leaving a white residue. It is tested on humans only, and is PETA certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.

  • Especially formulated for children and for sensitive skins to prevent sunburn and protect the skin naturally.
  • A pH balance that accommodates the higher alkalinity of children’s skin
  • Vegan friendly, PETA certified cruelty-free & not tested on animals
  • Natural plant-based ingredients that are good for you and the planet too!
  • Can be used by anyone with dietary, environmental or sensitive skin concerns
  • High protection broad spectrum & 40 minute water resistance (5 Star rating (UVA) & SPF30 (UVB)
  • Added antioxidants for free radical protection
  • Rubs in without leaving any white residue on the skin
  • Made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!



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