With pure aromatherapy essential oils for peace & tranquility

  • Adds a calming atmosphere to any room, bedroom or living space
  • Releases tension in the body
  • Induces a calm and peaceful mood
  • Relaxes and welcomes feelings of calm and inner peace

Deeply Calming

Aromatic Essential Oils work by stimulating the senses via the olfactory centres in the brain and can have various therapeutic effects, depending on the choice of oils used. Feelgood Health Complete Calm Burner Oil  contains selected essential oils that add an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to any room or bedroom.

Complete Calm Burner Oil is undiluted and highly concentrated! Just a few drops of this pure aromatherapy oil will release the relaxing and calming properties of the oils into the room, creating a space filled with peace and tranquility.

What are the Ingredients?

Complete Calm Burner Oil contains a blend of 100% pure, undiluted aromatherapy oils of Orange, Geranium, Sandalwood, Chamomile and Litsea cubeba.

How has Complete Calm Burner Oil helped others?

‘We work from home so we use this in our home office so that we don’t get too irritated with each other! It works!’ – Jack and Dawn-Lee

‘This is my favourite burner oil at the moment and the smell lingers gentle, a great choice for my small apartment…’ – Anna

‘The first thing I do in the morning at work is burn this oil and now I’m known as the guy who relaxes the office, the ladies love me.” – David, Gauteng

How do I use Complete Calm Burner Oil?

Directions: Add two or three drops to your burner to fill the air with aromatic peace & traquility.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy has not been established. Keep burning candles away from children and do not leave a candle unattended in a room.

Tips on creating a relaxed mood:

  • Atmosphere is all about the small touches – dim the lights, this gives the brain subliminal signals of a calm, soothed state!
  • Make sure your cellphone is off
  • Tell your family that you require 15-30mins of uninterrrupted peace
  • Change into loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • Go barefoot and walk on grass for the first 10mins
  • Light a candle or two – again, this signals relaxation
  • Choose a meditative CD or calming music that is melodic and soothing
  • Try to limit exposure to external stimuli such as sounds of traffic (close windows if you have to)

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