Instant Skin Revitalizer – Aromatherapy Spritzer for Tired Skin!



Vibrant Glowing Skin is just an Aromatherapy Spritz Away! (50 ml)

  • Contains refreshing, relaxing and conditioning essential oils in a spritzer base
  • Non-oily and quickly absorbed, leaving skin looking dewy and radiant!
  • Supports skin health & circulation
  • Relaxes and refreshes YOU too!
  • Great for a quick pick me up whenever you need it
  • All natural formula with no harmful chemicals, artificial chemicals or preservatives
  • Locally produced to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

A simple spritz to radiant, dewy skin and a relaxed and refreshed YOU!

How often have YOU looked in the mirror, only to see your skin looking grey, tired and lack lustre? Stress and fatigue can wreck havoc on our skin! While diet and exercise, along with other lifestyle habits, can go a long way to keeping our skin looking healthy and youthful, sometimes a quick ‘pick me up’ is what is needed!

Instead of slapping on more make-up (which will only make things worse in the long run), why not try Instant Skin Revitaliser from Feelgood Health?

This refreshing and relaxing natural spritzer spray contains aromatherapy extracts that not only smell gorgeous, but are also known for their energising effect on the skin. Just a few spritzes will leave your skin looking refreshed and radiant. Not only will your skin look great, but the therapeutic effects will also help to give YOU a boost too!

Use any time, including after a long flight, a hot and bothered day or before an important event. Just a quick spritz to restore vitality to you AND your skin!


Instant Skin Revitaliser contains the following combinations of herbal & homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosage:

  • Rose Geranium Hydrosol – A hydrosol is a flower water produced during extraction of an essential oil. Rose Geranium is one of the most widely used and prized of the essential oils and originates in South Africa! This gorgeous smelling hydrosol forms the base of the spritzer. Its therapeutic properties range from relaxation to mood upliftment.
  • Lemon  – Essential oils of lemon are refreshing and have an anti-depressant effect. In fact, studies have suggested that the smell of lemons can be as effective as a prescription anti-depressant! Lemon will also help to close enlarged pores on your skin and reduce that unwanted greasy look.
  • Peppermint – Another refreshing essential oil. Peppermint age has a long traditionally history of therapeutic use. It’s energising effect on the skin is well known and it will also help to give your skin circulation a boost, bringing much needed oxygen to the surface!
  • Sweet Orange – Simply think of how you feel when you peel an orange, releasing the gorgeous aromas while you remove the skin! Sweet orange contains uplifting and anti-depressing properties and also has a tonic effect on the skin. Its antiseptic properties will also help to reduce breakouts which are common during times of fatigue and stress.
  • Neroli repairs and rejuvenates skin and has antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties, thus keeping your skin looking young and fresh. It’s calming and relaxing scent helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

How has Instant Skin Revitaliser helped others?

“I keep a bottle of this spray in my bag and use it all the time. Just close my eyes and spritz and it does just what it says – and the smell is heavenly!” – Rosemary

“When I used Instant Skin Revitaliser before a meeting, everyone wanted to know what perfume I was wearing! ” – Chrissie

“Just the smell of this spritzer makes me want to smile and I feel relaxed and confident – it’s quite amazing really what a spray can do! I bought it for the effects on my skin (and they are fabulous!) but I love it most for the way it makes ME feel!I can recommend it wholeheartedly!” – Britney

How do I use Instant Skin Revitaliser?

Shake bottle before use. Close your eyes and spritz all over the face when needed. The fine spray is best left to dry quickly on your skin.

Do not spray into the eyes. Safety during pregnancy has not been determined. Keep out of reach of children.


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