Meditate Me Burner Oil – Pure Essential Oils for harmony & meditation




With pure aromatherapy essential oils for harmony & meditation

  • Creates balance and harmony within the body and mind
  • Encourages inner focus
  • Promotes clarity
  • Promotes inner vision

Pure Goodness! Meditate Me Burner Oil contains 100% pure undiluted aromatherapy essential oils with no artificial fragrances, preservatives or synthetic chemicals, which means you get all the therapeutic properties of the oils. In a recyclable glass bottle – good for you, good for the environment too!

Focus and Inner Calm

During meditation, we go inwards and clear our minds to induce a meditative state which is deeply relaxing and contemplative. Aromatic Essential Oils can help to assist this process by working on the senses to induce calm and tranquility. Feelgood Health Meditate Me Burner Oil  contains a blend of selected essential oils that add an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to any room, thereby assisting the meditative process. Just a few drops of this pure aromatherapy oil will release the relaxing and calming properties of the oils into the room, creating a space filled with peace and tranquility.

What are the Ingredients?

Meditate Me Burner Oil contains a blend of 100% pure, undiluted aromatherapy oils of Niaouli, Litsea cubeba and Grapefruit

How has Meditate Me Burner Oil helped others?

“This is the best oil in my opinion, it really helps me to find peace and especially during my sessions of awakening….” – Ingrid

“So refreshing – the grapefruit is really powerful!” – Andy L.

“…I am so happy that this burner oil is available in the three plus one offer, I needed to stock up so that I have a never-ending supply. I have a very stressful job and really find it helps to meditate each evening (even if just for ten minutes). The kids know to leave me alone while I burn the oil and relax with my thoughts!” – Carol

How do I use Meditate Me Burner Oil?

Directions: Add two or three drops to your burner to fill the air with aromatic peace & tranquility.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy has not been established. Keep burning candles away from children and do not leave a candle unattended in a room.

Tips on creating a relaxed meditative mood:

  • Atmosphere is all about the small touches – dim the lights, this gives the brain subliminal signals of a calm, soothed state!
  • Change into loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • Make sure your cellphone is off
  • Tell your family that you require 15-30 minutes of uninterrrupted peace
  • Light a candle or two – again, this signals relaxation
  • Choose a meditative CD or calming music that is melodic and soothing
  • Try to limit exposure to external stimuli such as sounds of traffic (close windows if you have to)

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