Pure Indigenous Kalahari Melon Oil



Kalahari Melon Carrier Oil – Hydrating and Regenerating (100ml)

  • Strong moisturizing and restructuring properties for the skin
  • High antioxidant and regenerative effects on the skin
  • Reduces signs of ageing, blemishes, scars and stretch marks
  • 100% pure, cold pressed indigenous carrier oil
  • Locally produced to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!


Kalahari Melon Oil (Citrullus Lanatus) is extracted from the Kalahari Melon which is found in the African Kalahari Desert and is an excellent source of Omega-6 essential fatty acids. The melon has been consumed and applied topically for thousands of years due to its powerful hydration, cleansing and healing properties.

Directions for use

All of Pure Indigenous‘s carrier oils are an ideal base to combine a few drops of essential oils for a true Aromatherapy experience. Kalahari Melon Carrier Oil can also be used alone for a superior nourishing treatment for hair and skin.

Why we love Pure Indigenous

The Pure Indigenous team are passionate about nature, plants and especially essential oils, but mostly they love Africa and its huge natural and cultural diversity.

Their ranges have been inspired by the many healing plants unique to South Africa and used in African Traditional Medicine for centuries by indigenous people in their healing practices and rituals to bring harmony to their homes, health and family.



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