Skin Dr – Natural homeopathic remedy for psoriasis & eczema



Homeopathic help for eczema & psoriasis

  • Treats the symptoms and underlying causes of psoriasis & eczema
  • Improves skin health and functioning and strengthens the membranes of cells in the skin
  • Reduces the symptoms of dry scaly skin
  • Treats and prevents watery and itchy skin and blisters
  • Promotes healthy cell renewal and removes dead and infected skin cells
  • Safe for all ages, including during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Natural remedies have an excellent record in the of maintenance skin and systemic health and are well worth exploring in a quest for skin support.

How can Skin Dr help?

Skin Dr. is a 100% homeopathic remedy, containing biochemic tissue salts and homeopathic ingredients to cleanse and purify the entire system, support healthy lymphatic functioning and address the symptoms of a range of skin conditions, including psoriasis & eczema. Taken internally, Skin Dr. helps to balance and hydrate the skin, improve the supply of oxygen at cellular level, promote skin healing and remove dead and infected cells.

A healthy skin is one of the best defenses against eczema and psoriasis flare ups. Skin Dr is taken internally and like all homeopathic remedies, stimulates the natural healing forces of the body from within to address the symptoms experienced without any troublesome side effects. By addressing skin health at a cellular level and supporting all skin cells, Skin Dr may be used to safely address problem skin, and promote skin health and renewal. Presented in small sucking tablet form, Skin Dr is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives.

Skin Dr is especially formulated for the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis and eczema in teens and adults.

As skin cleansing and hydration is an important part of the successful management of eczema and psoriasis, Skin Dr is recommended along with the following natural cleansing and moisturising products:

  • Silverlab Colloidal Silver Gel – soothes and heals eczema and contains NO harmful chemicals or irritants!
  • Silverlab Colloidal Silver Cream – natural moisuriser, containing NO artificial chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals or sodium laurel sulphate


Skin Dr contains the following 100% active homeopathic ingredients in equal parts and in therapeutic dosage

  • Nat mur. (6C) is is a biochemic tissue salt which helps to maintain the body’s water balance and is an essential component of all living cells. This tissue salt has an excellent reputation for effectively treating eczema (dry and scaly as well as itching and weeping) as well as psoriasis and any other skin condition that is associated with blisters and watery discharge from the skin. It is also useful for the treatment of allergy rashes and all itching skin conditions, including chicken pox.
  • Kali mur. (6C) acts as a blood and lymph cleanser, a waste eliminator and a natural anti-inflammatory. It is very helpful in relieving skin itching, blistering and inflammation and will also prevent skin infection caused by frequent scratching. Due to the lymph cleansing and skin soothing properties of this tissue salt, Kali. Mur. is also invaluable in the treatment of infectious childhood diseases like mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever and measles. Additional benefits include the alleviation of conditions associated with inflammation and swelling such as arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, prostate swelling as well as a range of other conditions.
  • Kali sulph. (6C) is a biochemic tissue salt that helps to distribute oxygen throughout the body and to each individual cell and keeps all cell membranes healthy. By providing essential oxygen to inflamed or infected cells, Kali. sulph. effectively assists healing, reduces inflammation and removes infected or dead cells. This tissue salt is well-known for its ability to treat stubborn eczema and psoriasis and is equally effective in treating other skin conditions such as acne, ringworm, dandruff, herpes blisters, warts and fungal infections of the skin and helps to promote the growth of new cells. Other uses include the treatment of sinus and respiratory congestion, hot flashes and joint pains.
  • Gallium (D3) used homeopathically, this ingredient aims to help cleanse the lympohatic system and the blood. In homeopathic strength, this ingredient aims to help address toxins in the body and therefore assist in the treatment of chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Also useful for conditions involving inflammation and swelling of glands (glandular fever, tonsillitis, mumps and prostate swelling) and for urinary problems like cystitis or urinary gravel.
  • Urtica urens (D3) is used homeopathically as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and natural antispasmodic. This ingredient is suited to skin complaints, including eczema and psoriasis. Addresses lymphatic swellings helps to purify and detox the system.

Lactose: inactive ingredient:

How has Skin Dr helped others?

“I have had eczema since a child and it is the bane of my life. When I have a flare up I just don’t feel like doing anything. I have had one or two flare ups since using Skin Dr but much less and they are mild in comparison. Your Washaway cleanser and cream are very good and gentle and my skin feels soft afterwards’ – Hilary

“After years of trying different treatments I can hardly believe that I have found one that makes a difference! I can recommend Skin Dr tablets to any person who has psoriasis. Not only has my psoriasis cleared, but my whole skin tone is just so much better! Thank you for a wonderful product!” – Mrs B.

“I have had psoriasis since my middle teens and you can imagine how that affected me! I have a wonderful wife and great kids and am very happy, but still feel awkward when meeting new people – or starting a new job for example. Your Skin Dr has helped very much and for the first time I feel positive that I have control over my condition, which I feel has controlled me for many years. That is saying a lot about a medicine and even a natural medicine but believe me I mean every word that I say!” – Gerald

“I can recommend anyone with psoriasis should use the Skin Dr. remedy. I did not believe it could work when a friend with psoriasis emailed me about it, but I decided to try it and see. I can see a very big difference after only three weeks and I am told that this will continue. You will never know how happy I am that I listened to my friends advice!” – Sara

How do I use Skin Dr?

Slowly dissolve 2 tablets under your tongue in a clean mouth  2 – 4 times daily. One can also crush two tablets and dissolve in about 100 ml of water and spray or sponge onto the skin.

Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

Feelgood Tip: Skin Dr may also be used along with the following natural remedies:

  • Silverlab Colloidal Silver Gel – First aid for the skin
  • Silverlab Colloidal Silver Cream – Healing and moisturising
  • Liver Thrive – herbal remedy to support liver health & functioning


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