TnT Orange & Fynbos Honey Mint Lip Balm – 100% Natural!



Keep your lips beautiful by nourishing & protecting them daily!

  • 100% natural! Made from raw beeswax and raw Multi-Flora honey
  • Will not cause dry lips like petroleum or chemical based lip balms and glosses
  • Beautifully scented with orange essential oil
  • Bee conscious company that have our bees at heart when creating their products
  • Contains NO parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances or other chemicals
  • Made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

Why we love TnT Honey Multi-Flora Orange & Fynbos & Mint Lip Balm

TnT are passionate about bees. They make sure that our bees are 100% protected when harvesting.

TnT Honey prides itself in using excess wax during the harvesting process in their lip balm. This is what makes the healing benefits so remarkable.

You should never have to choose between having beautiful lips and ethics when there is a wonderful product like TnT Honey Multi-Flora Orange Lip Balm!


Coconut oil, TnT Multi-Flora Honey, TnT Beeswax, Avocado Oil & Orange Essential Oil.


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