Cannaco Pure MCT CBD Oil (400mg)- Certified USDA Organic CBD




Organic CBD Oil for optimum health (Choose from 400mg/30ml or 200mg/15ml) 

  • Full Terpene Spectrum CBD Oil paired with MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
  • Contains THC at the legal limit of <0.3% (will cause no “high”). THC is synergistic with the other cannabinoids in the formula and enhances their value and absorption
  • Cannaco CBD oil is Co2 extracted and completely free from any herbicides, pesticides, GMO products, solvents or any other form of additive.
  • Works with your body’s own endocannibinoid system to heal and support optimum health
  • Fresh, minty taste

Strength: 400mg/30ml or 200mg/15ml

Directions for use: Use 5-10 drops or more once or twice a day. It is recommended that you begin with the lower dose and slowly increase until you feel the desired results are maintained. As all people, and their health needs, are different, the recommended dosage of CBD oil will vary from person to person, depending on their constitution, lifestyle and needs.

Ingredients: Certifed USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD, MCT Oil, Lecithin, Biodegradable Preservative (Pureganic)

Why we love Cannaco

Cannaco is committed to staying true to the cause by providing full spectrum, terpene rich, CBD products. Each product is delicately formulated with USDA certified organic CBD oil and natural ingredients. Cannaco is run by a small team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about natural health. Their mission is to provide natural products that really make a difference!

Using the most hygienic and least intrusive methods to extract the CBD, Cannaco CBD oil is completely free from any herbicides, pesticides, GMO products, or any other form of additive.


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