Kitchen Garden Raw Coconut Butter



Kitchen Garden’s Coconut Butter is thicker and creamier than coconut oil, made from the raw white coconut (250g)

  • Delicious, easy to digest and nutritious!
  • Raw, organic and contains no additives
  • Contains lauric acid (antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal)
  • Supports thyroid and liver health
  • Use in the kitchen or on your body!
  • Organic, Non-GMO and local, to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!


Only coconut (Certified organic)

How to use

You can add your coconut butter to smoothies, desserts, spread on a sandwich or pancake or use it to make creamy mashed potatoes or flavour stews, curries or soups! You can also use luxurious coconut butter on your body for dry skin or as an anti-fungal or antiseptic treatment.

Why we love and support Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden is totally dedicated to researching and developing the means to promote good nutrition and the usage of sprouts & herbs in every home, providing individuals and families with highly nutritional organic sprouts to supplement their diet.

The founder had a vision that Kitchen Garden could play a vital role in the fight against poverty through employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, also assisting with the problem of food security. After all, anyone can be only a few days away from fulfilling nutritional needs with Kitchen Garden sprouts and sprouting kits! All sprouting seeds are organic and free from pesticides or any other chemicals, making the sprouts that you grow from them not only delicious, but organic too!


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