Mac’s Unprocessed Raw West Coast Fynbos Honey!



Raw Honey = Best health benefits!

  • Raw LOCAL honey can help to soothe and reduce seasonal allergies and hay fever triggered by pollen
  • Raw, unprocessed honey retains all the natural medicinal properties of honey, as well as natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates and phyto-nutrients
  • Delicious Raw West Coast Fynbos Honey can be added to herbal teas as a natural sweetener or used to relieve sore throats, colds and ‘flu’s
  • Raw honey has natural antibiotic properties, which help to encourage healing and recovery
  • Studies suggest that raw honey heals cuts, burns, and rashes better than conventional medications. (Tip: Use honey as a face mask to rejuvenate and nourish YOUR skin!)
  • Go on – Treat yourself! 🙂
  • Locally produced in a recyclable glass container to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!


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