Throat & Tonsil Dr – Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis & sore throats



Natural relief for fever, sore throats & tonsillitis

  • Relieves the symptoms of sore throats associated with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colds & flu
  • Treats and relieves tonsil infections & helps to avoid tonsillectomy
  • Safe & effective natural alternative to conventional OTC medicine for sore throats
  • Reduces the need for antibiotic use & prevents secondary infection like ‘strep throat’
  • Assists with recovery after tonsillectomy
  • Safe for all ages and during pregnancy!

How can Throat & Tonsil Dr help?

Throat and Tonsil Dr is a safe and 100% natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients especially chosen to relieve sore throats and clear infections, while helping the body to heal itself and maintain natural defenses.

Presented in small sucking tablets that may be dissolved in the mouth or chewed, Throat and Tonsil easy to administer to all ages. A large part of the remedy is absorbed directly through the mucous membranes of the mouth, which means the effect is quickly maintained after administering Throat and Tonsil Dr. Throat and Tonsil Dr.can be used when needed, without compromising health and without the risk of serious side effects.


Throat & Tonsil Dr contains the following 100% active homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosage:

  • Gelsemium (6C) is well-known for its ability to soothe and pacify throat tissue. As it has a calming and soothing effect, it is also a great help when addressing seasonal irritants and environmental pollutants in the air. Recently, Gelsemium has been investigated for its ability to assist with influenza-related lethargy, aches, pains and general flu maladies. Mercurius solubilis (Merc. sol.) (6C) has been used medicinally in its raw form since ancient times to promote health. In homeopathic form, one receives the natural benefits of Merc. sol. in its ‘gentler and lighter’ form. Used in this way, Merc. sol. is safe and extremely effective in supporting and promoting the health of the mouth and throat, including the tonsils, gums, and teeth. As the ears, nose, and throat are interconnected, this ingredient also supports the health of the nose and its passages, as well as that of the ear canals.
  • Belladonna (30C) was first used cosmetically. Sixteenth century Italian women reportedly applied belladonna solutions to their eyes to dilate the pupils and achieve a dreamy and supposedly more desirable appearance (hence the name belladonna, which is Italian for ‘beautiful lady’)! In homeopathic dosage, Belladonna has many beneficial uses and is very effective for fever of sudden onset. Recently, a small double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 60 adults and children found positive results with a cough syrup containing homeopathic Belladonna as a treatment for a dry cough in the throat. (Bordes LR, Dorfman P. Evaluation of the cough suppressant activity of Drosetux cough syrup: a double blind versus placebo study [translated from French]. Cahiers d’O R L . 1986;21:731–734).
  • Hepar sulph calc (6C) This remedy is a homeopathic combination of two ingredients – Calcarea carbonica and Sulphur. The remedy was proved by Dr.Hahnemann and is still made in the traditional way. This remedy suits those who tend to be slightly impulsive and tend to seek perfection, often intensely disliking cold weather and are most likely to put on warm clothes or start a fire. This remedy would suit those who become more sensitive to pain and discomfort and do not want to be touched when unwell. Symptoms tend to worsen by breathing in cold air and can improve with hot drinks and warm compresses.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

How has Throat & Tonsil Dr helped others?

“My daughter has suffered from tonsil infections for years and some seasons it seemed like it was just antibiotic after antibiotic until my doctor recommended removing her tonsils. I really couldn’t agree with that and found your website after a search for alternatives. To say I was skeptical is an understatement but anything was worth trying. To my surprise, your Throat and Tonsil tablets were successful from the start! Since the first treatment 8 months ago, there have been no antibiotics and no recurring problems. She had a sore throat once and we started the treatment and it seemed to go away by itself without developing anything. I am holding thumbs that we have found a lasting solution and have subsequently used some of your other remedies with good results. Thank you!” – Diana

“The combination of Throat and Tonsil Dr. and BaniFlu is magic! As a mother, I will never be without them in the house.” – Pamela M.

“I can definitely recommend Throat and Tonsil Dr. for anyone with children who have problems with tonsilitis. This remedy has been a real blessing in our home, especially with my middle daughter who was always off school due to tonsils.” – Lorrie K.

How do I use Throat & Tonsil Dr?

Throat and Tonsil Dr.comes in small sucking tablets that may be dissolved or chewed in the mouth. For small children and babies, the tablets may be crushed and sprinkled on the tongue, or diluted in a little warm water or juice.

6 years and older: Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue or chew in the mouth every 30 minutes until symptoms subside. Thereafter take 2 tablets three times daily for up to 7 days.

Age 1 – 6 years: One tablet crushed into a powder and sprinkled in the mouth.


  • A sore throat is often one of the first signs of a cold or ‘flu infection. We therefore recommend that Throat and Tonsil used together with BaniFlu – our very effective homeopathic oral flu vaccine. This can very often stop a bout of ‘flu in its tracks!
  • In the case of recurring tonsillitis, a course of Immunity Plus (teens & adults) or KiddieBoost(children) is recommended in order to strengthen the immune system, the body’s first defense!


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