Triple Complex Sleep Tonic – Tissue salts to support peaceful sleep




Restore healthy sleep patterns naturally!

  • Restores healthy sleep patterns
  • Helps combat insomnia naturally
  • Promotes deeper & more restful sleep
  • Non-addictive with no sedatives!
  • Safe for use for all ages and while pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist

What are tissue salts?

Biochemic Tissue Salts are specially prepared micro-doses of the body’s 12 essential minerals. In 1873, a German doctor, Dr Schussler, first identified these 12 tissue salts, or cell salts, as being the building blocks of all life, present in the body in certain proportions for optimum health. According to Dr Schussler, an imbalance in any of the tissue salts would result in ‘dis’ease’ of the body, depending on the tissue salt concerned. Tissue salts are therefore important elements of cellular health. Although they are not strictly speaking homeopathic, tissue salts form part of homeopathy today. Note: Tissue salts are unrelated to salt and are safe for all ages and during pregnancy.

With today’s highly processed foods and modern farming methods, keeping a healthy balance of minerals in the body is often hard to do. It is also well-known that minerals are lost through stress and exposure to pollutants. Most people these days can benefit from daily vitamin supplements and the same applies to tissue salts.

These micro-minerals are important to:

  • assist the body with the optimal functioning of living cells
  • prevent deficiency and maintain cellular balance
  • optimise absorption of nutrients from the diet
  • assist in cell regeneration and replacement
  • help avoid common ailments or illness that may result from an imbalance in cells

Tissue Salts are natural, suitable for the whole family and may be taken alongside other medications and dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. Particular tissue salts are associated with certain organs in the body or with different aspects of systemic functioning. Practitioners will therefore recommend a combination of one or more tissue salts, depending on the problems that need treatment.

As always, at Feelgood Health, we like to make good health easy for you! That is why we have formulated a range of tissue salts in combination, selecting the best combination for the health benefit that you are trying to achieve. Each of our tissue salt remedies contain THREE of the twelve Schussler cell salts in order to address specific concerns such as digestion, nervous system functioning, brain health, blood sugar balance, respiratory health, sleep, slimming or nicotine withdrawal.

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic combines the following three bio-chemic tissue salts, especially chosen to support the health & functioning of the nervous system. Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is especially beneficial for people who are experiencing broken sleep patterns, including difficulty in falling asleep and waking up during the night. Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is safe to use along with prescription meds, as well as natural medicines.


Triple Complex Sleep Tonic contains the following selected biochemic tissue salts:.

  • Calc sulph (D6), also known as Calcium Sulphate – a biochemic tissue salt to assist the cleansing process of the body, helping to restore well-being and regular sleep patterns.This tissue salt is a constituent of the blood and skin and the mineral constituent of the liver, an organ that is responsible for the removal of waste products from the bloodstream and tissues of the body to cleanse and purify. From the perspective of biochemic medicine, a buildup of toxins in the blood can compromise feelings of wellness and may result in irritability, moodiness and even temporary sleep problems.
  • Mag phos (D6), also known as Magnesium Phosphate  – a biochemic tissue salt which naturally occurs on a cellular level in the body. It is a nerve and muscle fiber nutrient making it a major constituent of muscles, nerves, brain and blood corpuscles. It combines with albumin and water to form a fluid that nourishes and nurtures the white nerve fibers of the nervous system. Mag phos. is also an antispasmodic and is therefore helpful when sleep is disturbed by restless legs or nighttime twitching. It is suitable for all age groups including small babies. Magnesium is an important mineral that is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions within the body one of which is to help manufacture one of the many hormones responsible for regulating sleep, L–tryptophan.(Hartmann E (1982) Effects of L–tryptophan on sleepiness and on sleep. Journal of Psychiatric Research. 17:107-13).
  • Calc phos (D6) Calcium Phosphate – a biochemic tissue salt often recommended together with Calc sulph for temporary sleeplessness, especially due to worrying or in the elderly. This tissue salt is naturally present in bone, teeth, connective tissue and digestive juices. It is a major mineral component of every structure, tissue and fluid in the body except connective tissue and is a vital component of the body’s nutrition process from digestion, assimilation, cell growth through to energy expenditure.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)

How has Triple Complex Sleep Tonic helped others?

‘I use these tablets crushed into my baby’s bottle at night. She sleeps like a dream and I can relax because I know they are safe. Thank you!’ – Mandy, JHB

‘I have had such bad sleep since I fell pregnant…. I use your nerve tonic too for my anxiety! Thanks to you and adding the sleep tonic, I think they are doing the trick… I woke up once last night, then slept like a log! I am so thankful for these natural products…’ – Annelien

‘Good day. I had to write in and tell you that I have suffered with insomnia since I was in school. I did not want to spend one more day taking sleeping tablets. My wife found this product and your Serenite Plus . I have added this to my daily treatment and I am off the prescription pills. Thank you so much, now I feel rested and healthier too…’ Mr H. Du Toit

How do I use Triple Complex Sleep Tonic?

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic comes in small sucking tablets which are placed under the tongue to dissolve. Alternatively, for young children & babies, the tablets may be crushed and sprinkled in the mouth – or even added to your baby’s bottle!

Adults & children over 12 years: Use as a daily supplement. Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue or chew in the mouth three times daily. An additional dose may be taken just before bed or when waking at night.

Babies & children under 12: Use half the adult dose (one tablet)

Note: Because tissue salts improve cellular functioning and assist with absorption, they are frequently recommended as companion remedies to other natural medicines. Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is recommended as a tissue salt supplement along with the following remedies:

  • Serenite Plus
  • Sleepy Sprinkles
  • MindSoothe
  • MindSoothe Jr

Feelgood Tips

  • Eat foods that contain L-tryptophan at dinner time (a substance that naturally makes one feel sleepy) such as turkey or lettuce
  • Don’t go to bed at different times – try to keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Make sure that you start winding down your mind 2hrs before you get into bed
  • Try a bath with bath crystals and soothing music
  • Dim the lights and gradually work down to the dimness of a candle
  • Make sure your bedroom is not too hot or too cold
  • Remove any extra ‘fuss’ such as bright throws, extra pillows, cushions etc. Your bedroom should be a place of calm and order
  • Avoid keeping laptops, iPads and iPhones near the bed (keep that for the study or lounge) – train your brain to associate the bedroom with SLEEP.


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